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Get Your Hardwood Floors Resurfaced in the Bexley Area

Hardwood floors add so much beauty and value to any home. Most people enjoy the easy maintenance associated with wood floors. But it’s important to remember that hardwood floors still get scratched, stained, and worn down over time. Even small amounts of damage can significantly lower the value and appearance of your home. But maybe you don’t have the money to replace or even refinish your wood flooring. That’s where our hardwood floor resurfacing comes into play. Fabulous Floors Columbus resurfaces hardwood floors in Bexley for just $0.99 per sq/ft! This is the ideal service for a hardwood floor showing minor but noticeable signs of damage.

hardwood floor resurfacing in Bexley, OH
a recently resurfaced hardwood floor

Resurfacing Qualifications

The Fabulous Floors Columbus resurfacing service is best for a minimally damaged hardwood floor. If your floor is showing major signs of warping, severe scratches, huge scuffs, and deep stains then we recommend using our hardwood floor refinishing service. That will be better able to get the job done. However, if your floor has some minor scratches, limited signs of warping, and a few stains and scuffs here and there then it qualifies for resurfacing. Still not sure if your floor qualifies for this affordable hardwood restoration method? Then just give us a call at (614) 662-2101 and we would be happy to set up a time for a free consultation.

Why You Should Choose Hardwood Floor Resurfacing in Bexley

The greatest advantage of hardwood floor resurfacing is the savings. Our service will save you tons of money and incredible amounts of precious time. Fabulous Floors works hard to deliver a top-notch resurfacing service that can be completed in just 1-2 days! Plus, starting at $0.99 per sq/ft means you won’t have to break the bank to get it done. The process is simple, quick, and most importantly effective. It begins with our highly trained technicians buffing away the scratches, and ends with them applying our high-quality polyurethane finish. Another name for this process is the hardwood floor screen and coat, and it will allow you to get back to enjoying your floors faster.

Choose Fabulous Floors Columbus

Resurfacing with us doesn’t require sanding or staining, which eliminates the dust and odor that is typically associated with floor refinishing. Additionally, Fabulous Floors is GREENGUARD Certified, which means that our hardwood resurfacing services are completely safe for both you and the environment. At only $0.99 per square foot, hardwood resurfacing from Fabulous Floors Columbus is a cost-effective way to add value to your home in Bexley, OH.

“I had the best experience with Fabulous Floors Columbus! These guys did not disappoint. The communication and customer service was superb. Two thumbs up!” -Meghan K.

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Additional Benefits of Resurfacing Your Floors with Fabulous Floors:

    1. Adds instant value to your home. Your beautifully resurfaced floor will be a great selling point if/when you decide to move.
    2. Relieves the daily stress of seeing worn out hardwood floors. You’ll never have to settle for less again!
    3. Our stains will give you a long-lasting finish. Choose between gloss, semi-gloss, or satin polyurethane.
    4. Protects your floors against foot traffic. The service keeps them cleaner longer with a quality sealing coat.
    5. Prevents allergens. Because we use a dust-free process, there is no mess or airborne dust particles during or after our hardwood floor resurfacing service.
    6. Removes scratches. The Fabulous Floors tech can sand floors to get rid of scratches without damaging the wood.
    7. Saves you time. Most Fabulous Floors Baltimore resurfacing treatments are completed within hours.
    8. Allows you to get back to your life quickly. There is absolutely nothing to clean-up after we leave.
    9. Restores your peace of mind. We do all of the hardwood resurfacing work, saving you from doing it yourself.
    10. We’re budget-friendly and conscious. Hardwood resurfacing saves you money, especially compared to traditional refinishing.


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