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Have You Heard About Our Hardwood Floor Resurfacing Service?

Whether you have or have not, you’re in the right place to learn more about it. The team here at Fabulous Floors Columbus is proud to offer an amazing alternative to hardwood floor replacement and refinishing that’s called hardwood floor resurfacing. Upgrade your hardwood floors at a great price with this remarkable service! Prices start from just $0.99 per sq/ft, making it perfect for lightly damaged wood floors that require only minor touches up. That’s absolutely insane when you consider the quality of our work! Give us a call today to resurface your wood floors in the Groveport area today.

Before and after hardwood floor resurfacing in Groveport, OH

The Best Wood Floor Resurfacing Process in Groveport, OH

Our resurfacing process is as simple as two quick steps. First, we screen the existing coat which does not require sanding in most cases. Second, we replace the finish with a new polyurethane finish. It’s as easy as that! By utilizing this method, we can easily eliminate minor damage and save you both time and money. Best of all, it requires virtually no sanding meaning that there will be barely any mess or dust left behind. Clearly, this makes our team here at Fabulous Floors Columbus the best hardwood floor resurfacing service Groveport has to offer.

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“Very happy with FF! They worked quickly and efficiently, and price was very competitive. I was surprised how good our old floors looked when they were done!”
Rob M.

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But Wait…

Resurfacing is a hallmark service of ours, but it’s important to note that your floors must qualify for it first. The problem is that resurfacing is really only effective on hardwood floors showing the absolute minimum signs of damage that need to be corrected. Things like minor scratches and scuffs are good examples. If that sounds like your floors then let us know. Our Groveport hardwood floor resurfacing can be perfect for you. If it doesn’t sound like your floor, no worries! The team here at Fabulous Floors Columbus still has some options for you.

Do You Need a Little More Help?

Not to worry at all! Plenty of people have severely damaged wood flooring. Although this is more expensive to fix up, it’s still cheaper to try our refinishing service than try to replace the floor completely. Our Groveport hardwood floor refinishing service has been proven to eliminate years of damage to bring back the beauty of your wood floor. Give us a call to discuss your floor’s needs.


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