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Give Your Johnstown Floors A Fresh Start

In reality, periodic updates are necessary for every hardwood floor to eliminate the effects of regular wear and tear. Numerous options exist for these updates, but resurfacing hardwood floors stands out as the most cost-effective and convenient choice. However, not all do-it-yourself methods or professional resurfacing services are equal. If you desire the finest wood floor resurfacing in Johnstown, look no further than Fabulous Floors Columbus!

Our Top-Rated Floor Resurfacing Service

The praise we have received from the people of Johnstown throughout the years is a testament to the quality of our service. We pride ourselves on not only delivering exceptional results but also treating our customers with the utmost respect they deserve. Each Fabulous Floors technician undergoes regular training on the best practices for both hardwood floor resurfacing and ensuring customer satisfaction. Rest assured that we are here to address any inquiries, provide transparent pricing details, and exceed your expectations to ensure your complete satisfaction.

a resurfaced hardwood floor in a bedroom

Resurfacing Is Different Than Refinishing

Hardwood floor resurfacing and refinishing are distinct processes with notable differences. When it comes to resurfacing hardwood floors in Johnstown, OH, the required time and effort are significantly reduced. In fact, the resurfacing process is as straightforward as buffing and restaining the floor, making it a more cost-effective choice. However, it is important to note that resurfacing is only suitable for floors that do not exhibit major signs of warping or extensive damage. For seriously worn-out floors, we recommend our hardwood floor refinishing service in Johnstown. To determine if your floor qualifies for resurfacing, reach out to us today.

A Restoration Service That Fits Your Budget

Achieving the floors of your dreams doesn’t have to come at a hefty price tag. Thanks to the non-sanding nature of resurfacing, the process can often be completed within a mere 1-3 days, depending on the floor size. This efficiency allows us to offer competitive prices starting at just $0.99 per square foot! With such remarkable convenience and savings, it’s evident that Fabulous Floors Columbus is the ideal choice for resurfacing your hardwood floors in Johnstown. Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to transforming your floors.


“They came in and had my floors looking like new. The company is very professional. I will do business with them again and recommend them to family and friends.” – Channon J.

Using Our Hardwood Resurfacing Method… 

    1. Increases the value of your home.
    2. Takes away the stress of living with damaged wood flooring.
    3. Adds a customizable, long-lasting finish you can enjoy for the years to come.
    4. Keeps floors safe from foot traffic.
    5. Helps to prevent allergens.
    6. Eliminates those annoying little scratches.
    7. Is one of, if not the, fastest ways to restore your hardwood floors.
    8. More than convenient so you get back to your normal routine sooner.
    9. Allows you to relax or work on other projects while we take care of the floors.
    10. Is often the most budget-friendly option for hardwood renewal.


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